What Is A PC Gaming Mouse

A PC Gaming Mouse comes with additional functionalities that makes it suitable for high and intense programming and computer gaming. These extra functions include enhanced response time, programmable buttons, adjustable weight and higher sensitivity.

These added functions help the mouse to yield better performance while using intense taxing programs, easy movements and allows faster reactions.

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Why Do I Need One?

A PC gaming mouse does everything like a standard mouse only with higher accuracy and is designed more ergonomically.

What Should I Look For?

The things that should be considered while purchasing a great PC gaming mouse are :

  • DPI : Dots per inch. This determines the sensitivity of the mouse. When the mouse is moved from one place to another, it detects the distance of the move and the cursor follows accordingly. So, higher the DPI, more the cursor moves with minimal hand movement. Higher DPI also helps when the monitor is large or there are multiple screens.
  • Programmable Buttons : these buttons are built so that one button can replace many strokes and the game can be played easily. The left click and right click buttons are not a part of these. Some mice also come with thumb buttons, which also isn’t a programmable button.
  • Acceleration : this is calculated in G forces i.e one G = 9.8 m/s. So if the mouse can be moved upto one inch in less than half a second then the cursor moves upto 1000 pixels. For more information, Gamerswant gaming motherboards has an interesting breakdown on motherboard performance with a gaming mouse.
  • Polling rate : this means how responsive the mouse is. It is measured in Hz (Hertz) and gaming mouse rates should be in between 250 – 1000 Hz.
  • Sensors : Laser sensors provide enhance accuracy and quicker response time. There are some gamers who prefer Optic sensors.
  • Adjustable weight : the weight of a mouse depends on the gamers. Some of them like the customary heavy ones while others prefer lighter mice. Hence to make both ends meet, nowadays PC Gaming mice weight can be customized as per the user. The weight can adjusted by individual users. 
  • Comfort and Design : the game of a player is hugely dependent on how comfortable the mouse is. Hence before purchase, it is important to find the best fit.

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